Referral Partners

We take great pleasure in assisting our referral partners and their clients. Our commitment lies in enabling you and your clients to realise their financial aspirations. If you encounter any challenges related to credit files, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to engage in a discussion, explore solutions, and provide the necessary support.

Benefits of using our

We can remove Credit Defaults, Credit Enquiries, Missed Repayments and Default Judgments to help open your clients options up to more lenders & more competitive interest rates.

Act as a value add to your business by giving you and your clients more options at your disposal.

Direct access to the representative conducting the negotiations on the file, no hold or transfer times for updates, same for your client.

Your client would be using a well trusted and experience team backed by nothing but 5 Google reviews.

why choose us?

Building Futures: Collaborative Solutions for Referral Partners and Clients

What we do

At Easy Credit Repair, we specialize in providing unparalleled credit repair services tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Our dedicated team is committed to empowering individuals and businesses by enhancing credit scores and facilitating financial freedom. Here’s what sets us apart

Credit Default

We specialise in removing credit defaults, which typically remain on a client’s file for five years.

Default Judgment removals

Defaults/Court Judgments, stemming from credit provider litigation, last 5 years on a client’s file. We specialise in their removal.

Credit Enquiry

Each finance application results in a credit file check by the Credit Provider, creating an inquiry. More inquiries lead to a greater impact on the credit score.

Missed Repayment amendments

This happens when a client misses a loan repayment, and if not rectified within 14 days, it leads to arrears. We negotiate to amend these under certain circumstances.

our key points

Transparent and Supportive Service Every Step of the Way

No removal
= No fee

At our service, you’re only charged when we succeed. We operate on a success-based payment system, meaning we bill you solely for successful removals. There’s no charge for unsuccessful attempts; your financial commitment is reserved for concrete results.


Experience a hassle-free process with one dedicated representative handling everything, from negotiations to your inquiries. Enjoy direct access via mobile and email, ensuring swift, personalized assistance throughout.

Payment Plans

For your convenience, we provide direct debit payment plans, all managed in-house. Rest assured, this method won’t affect your credit file.
Enjoy seamless transactions tailored to your needs.

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